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tv   FOX Business After the Bell  FOX Business  September 10, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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today. >> hewlett-packard on its way out next week. [closing bell ringing] david: look at goldman sachs. one share of the stock will be beyond my limit. okay, the bells are ringing on wall street. another triple-digit day. this rally continues, folks. i would call it essentially a relief rally from what we've seen based on what's happening overseas. not only syria,. decrease in tensions over there but better news from china. all that helping the market today. all the indices doing extremely well. nobody managed to go ahead of the 1% mark with the russell 2000, nasdaq. still a very good day on wall street. all of them to the plus side. let's get right to today's action. we have larry shover. he is at the cme. "after the bell" starts right now. david: okay, now we'll introduce our guests. we see 12-point duane on the
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dow. the dow had three -- 128-point gain on the dow. they had three new entries. randy warren, warren financial services. chief investment officer. he says the best way to play the markets is in equities. he has three top picks. larry shover, our standard-bearer from the cme. larry, i want to start with you. i call it a relief rally because of news on syria. we got this as breaking news. john kerry will meet on thursday with russia's foreign minister. talk about the plan that started accidentally came out of the mouth of john kerry. it turned into reality as russians and syrians turned it over. looks like it might become policy. is all this is relief rally what we're seeing in the market? >> another way to put it. david: it is painful rally. this started at end of august. people were downsizing exposure to the stock market with a mine filed of things around us,
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syria, tapering, what have you. people were very worried and as things go we see a tremendous impressive rally, eight of the nine last days, six days in a row up. people are covering. they're chasing. they're still very, very negative. so for me the page rate continues to be on the upside because people have not bought into this yet, at least traders behind me. david: randy, you are an apple stock fan. you recommend it. you've got it in your portfolio. what happened today with the stock? why was it investors were totally unempressed by the new products? >> i think unlike the situation where, with the federal reserve taper, i think in the apple case they did sell the news. they bought the rumor and pushed the stock up ahead of the announcement and then sold the news when there wasn't anything unexpected in the announcement. david: but you say buy the news, right? are you still buying on this news? >> yeah. i think today's, today's dip is an opportunity for you to get
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into a very, very inexpensive stock. there is still a lot of innovation left inside of apple. lots of employees they're working hard every day to make that stock go up. they will be coming out with more exciting things. today's announcement was pretty good actually the -- david: why is that? >> biometrics included in the new phone are pretty exciting. david: i have to tell you. i'm a stockholder of apple. i've had apple for quite some time. i was disappointed with today's news. there wasn't already anything we didn't already know but why not sell in the short term? >> that makes sense but they're coming out, the new phone also not only biometrics but the ability to measure movement for exercise. that will be a really nice feature for people who take their phones with them when they go to exercise ore go to the gym or just want to keep track, you know, how many steps they take in a day. david: larry, i don't want to focus on the bad news, on a day
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with triple-digit gains on the dow. there was a lot of good news around. we saw a rise in interest rates again. for a couple days we had a slowdown in interest rates. they're picking back up again. it was 2.94, end of the day. >> right. david:ing closer to the 3% mark on 10-year-year-old. housing. 2.96 is where it ended by the way today. it has had an effect on housing. there has been a slum in housing deman and a lot he have people would say it is because of increased mortgage rates, right? >> i think so but let's look at the bigger picture. interest rates are so profoundly low. we heard bank of america, wells fargo might lay off employees because of lack of mortgage interest. in the scheme of things looking at history rates are really still low. rates are going up for the right reasons because of economic data around the world is crawling up a little better at a time. not to say if rates jump to 3.5 that will be good for the market but right here at 3%, what's the
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big deal? it will cut some people out of the market and that's a tragic situation. i still think we're in baby steps after big recovery in the housing market. okay. david: i was going to say some people tragic that a lot of savers are not able to get any kind of return on their capital because rates are artificially held so low so long by the fed. >> yeah. david: randy, that will change soon. when it does what happens to the market? >> the key point there that rates are going up for the right reason. the economy is improving. we'd all like it to improve faster. i would like to see a gdp print over 3% sometime the next six months. we might get there, we might not but what is going on in china is exciting. europe looks like it may be bottoming at this point f that economy is getting stronger, then housing will do okay. people will get jobs that don't have jobs now and they will be able to come into the market. david: by the way let's talk about a couple of your picks. i mentioned apple of course.
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visa, this is a new entry into the dow jones industrial average. we saw a bump today. is it too late to get in on visa, randy? >> no. visa had a nice run but what a fantastic company. they don't take a tremendous amount of credit rick. they don't loan the money. banks are behind them loaning money. they're taking a piece of every transaction that happens electronically. which, by the way, apple may be able to get into that business as well with the new biometrics. david: it may well. >> do transactions more easily on your phone. david: yeah, that fingerprint model might be followed. that will be interesting. by the way retailers getting hit bad. we had a lost bad news a couple weeks ago. retailers stocks went down. urban outfitters down 10%. you're going with a retailer, underarmor. why do you like them? >> underarmor is fantastic. they continue to innovate. they continue to come out with new products and they continue to expand their global footprint. they're trying to move out from just being a u.s. kind of centric company into more of a global company, moving into
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things like hotspurs, english premier league soccer. david: randy i have got to remind you, i got to remind you, it is such a fickle market. that is one reason why retail is so hard to get ahold of. why isn't underarmor part of that fickleness on the part of the consumer? >> yeah it is. if we were going into recession you wouldn't want to be in underarmor but we're not going into recession. the economy is getting better. so more and more people are able to afford, little luxury of an underarmor type of product. david: okay. well, on a day when the market is up 12points on the dow, keep it with a positive tone. clearly investors feel that way today. good to see you, randy thank you very much. randy warren. appreciate it. larry shover we'll check in with you in a couple minutes for the s&p futures close. thanks, gentleman. the wait is over. apple finally unveiling the new iphone line. will they be a game-changer in
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the smartphone wars or fall flat with consume officers wall street's reaction is not very encouraging. in a moment we have an all-star panel of what apple's future will be. speaking of tech, liz claman in silicon valley with exclusive interviews. yes, she has more on tap this hour. liz. liz: one. exciting things you see here in silicon valley, david, is entrepreneurs that are serial entrepreneurs, they start one company, sell it to another and start up another. they are continually flexible. he started stubhub. sold it to ebay. and now enables video conversations with average people of people of their interest, whether the favorite band or coach of their favorite basketball team. he is coming up in fox business. they have a billion plus users and all of their pictures and all their comments. om. about, the man who makes it all happen. he is the facebook vp hardware
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design and supply chain operations. that is a fancy way of saying he has helped to create the servers that handle billions and trillions of pieces of data, coming up. he's with us. wait until you hear what they're doing now over at facebook. we're live in san francisco for day one of "three days in the valley." ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats.
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david: shares of five below hitting all-time highs today. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. nicole, we're talking about retailers doing badly. not so with five below, right? >> right. we saw urban outfitters get hit hard. but five below is another story, david. we're seeing this one, jumping as you noted to new highs. 48.99 was highest point. this is 17% to the upside for this discount retailer. they came out with numbers for fiscal second quarter profit more than tripled and sales jumped at the margins. margins strengthened. they easily surpassed wall street estimates and pennsylvania discount retailer, headquarters, did so well. you saw several analysts rushing to a play a little catch-up. deutch the bank, by the way,
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they are 48 bucks to $50. they have a buy rating. certainly a great performer and bucking the trend of some other retailers. jcpenney is down today too. david: good for five below. nicole petallides from the nyse. s&p futures will close in a couple minutes. let's head back to larry shover at cme and sandy smith in the newsroom with two minutes before it closes. sandy, talk about oil. it is down 2%. i'm wondering if it finally peaked. has all the news in the middle east settled enough oil will keep coming down? >> not a chance. this market is definitely focused on syria but oil is rising for among other reasons, raw fundamental reasons like tight global oil supply. when you get news out of china, japan, these kind of economies are blossoming and getting bigger and improving, strengthening, david, you're talking about the world consuming more oil. so we didn't just get the triple digit oil prices because of fears over a strike in syria. we got there because of title
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global supply and that's not going away anytime soon. what we're seeing right now, dave, just that fear premium coming out of the market. david: $2.25 drop in the price of oil in one day, larry shover is nothing to sneeze at. if that direction keeps going, we could get below $100, could we not? >> i don't think so. i think sandra is spot on. all we saw was the risk premium being taken away. let's remember, north atlantic basin production growth is enormous but being offset in a huge way by supply, i'm sorry, production that is very, very tight across the world especially in north america. so we have a glut of oil that can not be produced right now. so it will be a long while before we see $100 oil at least in my mind. david: we should get busy producing and get the pipelines going and get the fracking done. >> perfect world, david. >> yeah. perfect world. david: sandy, larry, great to talk to you both. thank you very much. apple rolling out the next
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generation of iphones, will the new hand-sets beat out rival devices from samsung and other companies? coming up we'll head to apple's head quarters in cupertino, california. liz claman out in silicon valley with details of her next big interview. liz what do you have coming up? >> we have precast, it is a video conversation site that enables people to learn, from hook up as far as video discussions are concerned with people of their same interests. it's a fascinating website showing huge growth potential, a lot of venture capitalists are very interested this one. the ceo joins us live coming right up. he founded stubhub. many of you used that, right? let's take a look when we come back and his brand new venture, spree cap.
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♪ liz: what do you do, here's a good question, what do you do after selling a company you started, stubhub, one of the world's now largest ticketing marketplaces, sell it to ebay for more than $300 million? you dive right back in, create a new business. online social video platform of course. i'm speaking exclusively with the guy who did it, the ceo of spree cast. classic entrepreneur. silicon valley, type-a behavior, start one, sell it, start another. talk about spreecast. this is video conversation platform which is social media. what does it do and how does it work? >> sure.
4:20 pm
we have a live spreecast boeing on right here. these are four employees. thee in san francisco and four in new york. hi, guys. liz: everybody can wave. >> hopefully they will wave and say hi to us. we're about connecting people on the internet with face-to-face conversations. >> they're adding little comments right here and it goes through. it just cycles through. >> that's right. you can have four people on screen. thousands of people who attend and participate and those folks who are not on camera can use a text-based chat, share on social media. anybody can request to join on camera. it is all about interactive, face-to-face conversations. >> how is it different from some other things out there, like google has google hankout? >> so there are some similarities between spreecast and hangouts. there are really three key differences. the difference is audience interrter activity. in sprycast you can join multiple ways but on hankouts
4:21 pm
you is not possible you have to be a google plus user. spreecast you can use facebook credentials, twitter credentialals and use email address so much more open that hankout. liz: you have pretty cool partnerships here. the one that jumps to mind now for example, one direction. you had them come on spreecast and talk to fans and answer questions. that is incredible. how did you land that? >> we had at love celebrities on from one direction, to britney spears and reese witherspoon. it's a great tool for engaging with fans. same reason you see a lot of celebrities using facebook and twittory connect with fans. liz: that is one way. you're actually answering their questions. it faces natings and you recently signed up the usc basketball coach. >> we think sports is just a perfect, perfect vertical for spreecast. you have these rabid fans of a particular team. in this case, usc who may be displaced living around the country and around the world. you karn bring everybody
4:22 pm
together once a week or periodic basis to talk about the team. interact with coaches and players. we think it's a great way to really mobilize those fans. liz: you have raised 11 million in vc money. what is next for you? how do you make your money? >> we focused primarily building product both on web and mobile. we started to grow our user base. monetizaton is only something we recently thought about but we put in place a couple of key monetizaton components. one is video ads. you can run ads in the live spreecast. everything is reported so the ads are in the archive of spreecast. there are features you have to pay for. liz: you have ios and, is it more exciting on smartphones or tablets or laptops? >> we launched our mobile, four or five months ago back in april and we came out with a mobile browser experience for both ios and android as well as app for ios it has been a huge success for us.
4:23 pm
we've been excited about the growth there we're seeing more than 30% of our viewership is happening on mobile devices. liz: i think it is betwer a bigger screen. look at your pals. look, they're dancing around. [laughing] somebody needs a little, you know, lesson there but -- she is doing that. i know that. but i think what, what is better, the experience, when it is on somewhat bigger screen, correct? >> well, yeah. certainly in a desktop browser you will get a more full experience. in a mobile device there are some limitations and some things that you can't do. one of the things we'll introduce in the mobile experience soon is ability to join on camera. currently the mobile experience is view only. we're about to launch the ability to actually join from the mobile camera which is another big step forward for us. liz: who's next? if you got the usc coach, i'm thinking why not the coach of giants or cleveland browns, my personal favorite? >> i won't hold it against you that you're a browns fan. liz: that is so mean.
4:24 pm
i did not deserve this attack. go on. >> we are very, we think, as i said sports is a big opportunity for us. we're in conversations with a bunch of folks in sports world. liz: how about leaders? >> as i say we have big relationships with a lot of big media companies. folks like "the wall street journal" or mtv or espn or cnn are all using spreecast. they embed it in their o.w.n. sight. we have embedded player on the third party websites. they can engage the audience about sports, entertainment, news, politics and this is all happening on third party players on -- liz: what about leagues, national hockey league, national football league, i think there is opportunity here. >> you're right. i think it is opportunity to bring fans together, displaced fans and we're trying to talk to all those folks. liz: could you, eventually, facebook is so huge could you put other sites out of business because you offer interactive capability here? >> we're not, look, face boo
4:25 pm
book is huge as you said. we're not at all competitive with facebook. we view ourselves complimentary. we build on top of the facebook -- liz: they are doing the wave which we love. tell them to do the wave again. that is hysterical. now they're raising the roof. really as a demonstration here, what do you need now? do you need more money? need more seed money. >> eventually we'll be raising more capital. right now we're well-funded and we're, we're real excited about just product development. introducing new features, new functionalities, capabilities. talked about the mobile broadcast capability. we're heads down working on all that stuff. liz: my coanchor david asman is a jets fan. if you get jets owner woody johnson although david talks to him all the time i think that would be good. >> cool. we'll work with the jets. we'll try to get them involved. liz: and the browns too, jeff, thank you so much. >> thank you very much for having me. liz: watching developments like spreecast and jeff fluhr, a
4:26 pm
serial entrepreneur. that is again r again net tis, here in silicon valley. that is only day one. we have day two and day three. we have more guests before end of the hour. david: don't tell woody johnson i'm going to a giants game, liz. only once, once a season i go-to guy ants game. that is great entrepreneur. thanks for the interview. we'll see more of liz coming up. meanwhile, apple's new iphones, are not getting a lot of love from investors and the stock falls flat after today's big intro. what does steve cook have to do to get wall street back on his side? we have the all coming out with all starr panel. we'll look at facebook ceo mark zuckerberg's strategy in just a moment. liz will talk to facebook's server superstar about the social network's latest ideas for its next big thing. stay with us. ♪
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♪ you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪ david: time for a look at today's market drivers. a busy day as stocks pushed higher as the s&p and nasdaq posted their sixth straight day of gains, the longest winning streak for the s&p since mid-july. industrials and financials were the top performing sectors. gold falling to a two-week low as fears over a u.s. military strike on syria receded
4:30 pm
a little bit. the precious metal dropped 1.6% to settle at $1364 an ounce. and oil, we just talked about that. it declined for a second day as syria agreed to a russian plan to surrender its chemical weapons. we'll see how the u.s. reacts to that. crude ended the day down 1.94% at $107.39 a barrel. today's product launch for two new iphones fell flat for investors as the stock fell back below $500 a share after the big show. so does tim cook have anything up his sleeve to get wall street back on his side? joining us from the apple's big event, fox business's robert gray and we have mark spoon hour here in new york, glad top magazine editor-in-chief. robert, i want to start with you. give us a scene scriber of show itself. tim cook was there and he stepped back and let the chief
4:31 pm
marketing guy take over. >> let some marketing guys take over. design guys were there. and a couple of videos to describe some ios, operating system. comes out next wednesday. part of drivers for new devices. they're on sale next friday. the price a little bit of a surprise for some folks. there is no increase really for the iphone 5s as long as you keep at two year contract. the iphone 5c, basically the cheap model, will supplant the current iphone 5. it is going away. not will be as inexpensive as some folks expect the. starts at 99 bucks with a two year contract. some things expected by some analysts seemed to kickboxes for a lot of folks. you have a faster processing speed. 64 gigabytes under the hood there. you have more phone callser to choose from. ipod nano took it to the next level and became more fashionable and a lot of people accessorizing with that, david. there is the touch i.d. where it
4:32 pm
recognizes your fingerprint, up to five fingers and you can use that not only for password but use it for one-touch shopping where else, but on itunes. david: of course. my wife and whole lot of other people, particularly in light of nsa stuff, they're not giving fingerprints to anybody. they have to get over that barrier as well. we'll talk to you in a bit, rich. let me go into studio with mark. i know it is become old hat to say nobody can replace steve jobs. obviously nobody can replace steve jobs. nobody expected tim cook to be able to do that what he seemed to be doing and market didn't like it frankly, it take as team to replace steve jobs. we have all the people working together, which is true. a lot of geniuses. that is what they spend capital on but wall street didn't think that was enough? >> they definitely have a lot of talented lieutenants reporting into tim cook. what the market looks for is breakthrough innovation. part of issue with today's launch. , we got exactly what was
4:33 pm
expected, iphone 5s and 5c. the rumors were true. maybe what is the next innovation? maybe today's event wasn't it. what will happen with the apple tv? what will happen with the wearables market. david: you bring up a great point. the great thing about steve jobs he would surprise us all the time. tim cook and the whole team now, they're smart people. they know what they're doing. they have reliable products but no surprises. no real big wham bam surprises. >> yeah. unfortunately that's true. there used to be, one more thing, dot, dot, dot. steve wow! the crowd and bring up something revolutionary. unfortunately we've already had the ipod. we already had the iphone. we already had the ipad. so now what we're waiting for is the itv, the iwatch. but at the end of the day, apple has become in some regards a victim of its own success. itv and iwatch won't even
4:34 pm
matter from financial perspective. 85% of apple gross products are derived from the iphone and it pad. those two product families are large enough to drive apple going forward for at least next five years. david: large enough, by the way, brian, we should tell our viewers you were a big believer in the stock. you have a $600 price target on it. how long do you think it will take apple's stock to get back up to the $600 level? >> i don't think it will take that long at all. if we get tomorrow the china mobile partnership announced with apple i think that could drive up our unit assumptions for iphones next year by 20% alone. we'll s year-over-year earnings reacceleration and growth rye now. right now most analysts are expecting a decline. i think it will come back. we still have a strong buy rating and $600 target. david: mark, the problem is market share. is there enough worldwide market share for apple with all of the competition? we've seen, some people say we've only seen beginning of
4:35 pm
what samsung can do to bully its way into that market share that apple used to have sown up. >> it is not just about samsung. it is about chinese manufacture you ares like zte and huawei. this china mobile deal will be hugely important. i give apple credit expanding into a new market. david: samsung is saying, right, they will go to try to take over that market. no way. we'll make sure they don't do that. >> one of the ways they're doing that diverseification of product portfolio. you could make the argument samsung has too many mode dells, they have every size, every speck, every feature coveredded when you walk into the store regardless of the region they have something for every type of buyer. tim cook went out of his way to say we don't layer on features for features sake. that is a jab at samsung. there is philosophical difference between apple and samsung. that will continue. david: mark, we have to end on this but there has to be some inspirational product out there soon for apple to really get its
4:36 pm
mojo barks doesn't there, brian? >> oh, yeah, i think ultimately, you know, we will see an iwatch. we will see an itv. at end of the day it will not matter from a financial perspective. it will be more of a sentiment changer. i think ultimately the iphone 5c and iphone 35 sis s and what we expect, i phone 6, five inch iphone will drive apple to $600. david: we'll see. mark and brian, thank you gentlemen. appreciate it. mediavesttores have been enjoying rich returns but it's a very different story for a lot of workers in the media industry. we'll go to the headquarters of one of the best known audio equipment-makers to find out how to get a job in this highly competitive industry. lots more from liz. she is still out in san francisco. liz, what is coming up. >> we're finishing up "three days in the valley" day one with just a huge get. two years ago facebook realized,
4:37 pm
they saw the writing on the wall, they needed powerful, gigantic servers to store you guys with all the pictures and facebook pages. they brought in one guy and his team to make that happen. frank frankovsky is coming up next. he is talking open compute. you can't do it all on your own, can you? ♪ ♪
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and win fiy thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. david: we are talking to some of the biggest names in tech this week on "after the bell." let's head back to liz claman where she is talking to somebody who is dubbed facebook's server superstar. tell us about it, liz. liz: yeah, can you imagine, how many times have you bought something of a certain size thinking that will be enough and then you realize, no, it's not, i need more? can you imagine facebook, wakes up one day they have gone from 500,000 people to a billion? what kind of server can handle that? what kind of person could build
4:41 pm
that server? they brought in frank frankovsky. he is that man. he is server genius over at facebook. two years ago we met frank. he came on "three days in the valley." we thought, let's follow up to see how the server business is happening. what was significant back then, facebook could have farmed out that business. instead they brought you and your team on board and said build it. >> yep. since then we actually engaged the rest of the industry to help us build it as well through the open compute project which we talked about two years ago when we just getting started. we were like, hey, if we open source the all the hardware development we've done. we looked what was happening in software and how that is moving forward. liz: two heads are better than one theory. >> yeah. >> bought in industry, intels, amds of the world but you also brought in the hobby its correct? >> yes. that's been a lot of fun. liz: these are the little guys. >> yes. liz: sometimes they have just as food ideas, right? >> it has been awesome. we have 60 official members,
4:42 pm
more than 60 official members which are big technology companies. we have thousands of people that participate in the projects including hobby its. we host things called hackathons. this is one or two night thing. come with all the ideas. build something really quickly and basically prevent all the cool new hacks that come out of it. liz: that is -- i want to go to one much those things. >> there is pizza and beer and stuff for sure. liz: how did you go about building servers that could hand ale billion members of facebook? that's incredible. by the way, think about this, all the pictures you yourself might put on your facebook page, seven years later, they're still there because of way servers support, handle and keep that stuff, right? >> yeah. obviously they have to be very reliable. but other big thrust was making them efficient's well. when you have that much infrastructure, it need to be really efficient because obviously the electricity costs and ongoing operating costs can be pretty overwhelming thick. so we took on this concept what
4:43 pm
we call vanity free design. basically strip out anything not doing something useful, right? if it is not helping you or photos or helping but get all the most relevant news feeds uniquely come bossed for you, it shouldn't be in the server. that extra stuff consumes power. more materials. costs more money all that. liz: let me bring up what everybody talks about now and that is security. how did you make the server secure? >> there is a lot of layers before you get to the server. there are multiple play layers of network security before you get to the server. things are encrypted from end to end. you're sharing most cherished moments of your life. liz: where did you learn how to do all of this. >> i don't know how to do all of this. i have a lot of great pease. liz: how many sometimes you ask physicists that is brilliant. he said it was simple. no it is not. >> i didn't say it was simple. i said it take as lot of different skills to make it work. liz: how do you build a server that promises forever?
4:44 pm
the word forever? if you put your pictures on this we'll always have them for you? >> well, nothing will last forever but what you do you keep multiple copies of it, if one happens to fail because they're all mechanical devices and electronic devices. they all fail eventually like humans fail eventually. you have multiple copies if one fails you can restore it. you have multiple ways to restore data. liz: you came from dell back in the day. >> yes. liz: now who have you brought on from which types of companies? >> oh gosh. we brought on people from all different kinds of companies, whether they're technology suppliers, like, you know, chip manufacturers, drive manufacturers. other people like from dell and hp or odm. >> what is the biggest challenge you think the industry is facing right now, frank? >> gosh, the biggest challenge? i think about keeping up with the pace of change and what i mean by that is, number one, there's more and more people getting on the internet every
4:45 pm
day. the people that are already on the internet are typically carrying multiple devices and interacting constantly. even before we gotttogether you were on your phone. liz: yes. >> maybe you have multiple devices. >> two of them here, yeah. >> no one company can ever keep up with that pace of change and being able to deliver really rich internet experiences to people day in and day out. that is why community efforts like open computer is so important. mountain of data rich experiences continues to move forward really fast, no one company can keep up with that pace. liz: it's a pleasure to catch up with you again. that is what we do here at "three days in the valley." we'll talk to people we saw couple years ago, how is it going? sometimes they're really in the business. >> thank you. liz: frank frankovsky, is the man who makes servers run. what an incredible experience as you look all this and see what is happening here. i called frank, can you come on? i will be at the intell3 developers forum anyway.
4:46 pm
that is what happens, the hobbyists and everybody descend and share ideas. david: it is a laboratory. a real laboratory. you discover new things, get people out of the box. thank you very much, liz. not just about the east coast or west coast. up next live we'll go to the middle. country. we'll go to illinois. we'll look at a company behind audio equipment used by big name acts like springsteen and aerosmith. we'll find out where the jobs are in media industry. thatthat is a live band, folks. we'll take you there in a moment. ♪ whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our siness.
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david: well investing in the media world during the past year has been a great move but trying to find a career in that industry could be a little bit after challenge unless you speak to mr. jeff flock, kind of the new head hunter for that field. he joins us live from niles illinois. @'m shouting because you're right in front after live band, jeff. >> we may have made a locational error, david, but i'll tell you, the folks at companies like shur he. e, you know the microphones. you probably spent a good amount of time talking into them opposed to singing into them like a lot of big stars.
4:51 pm
shure microphones, they make more microphones than anybody else in the world. we have scott sullivan, director of new products. scott, how do you say ahead of curve on this? you. >> invest. you invest in new products all the time, new technologies. this company is 88 years old. we're the leader, worldwide leader in audio. our products need to be flawless. >> your people, guys that are singing right there, are actually your employees. you have a sales staff. you have engineering staff. take a look at media companies. they had great in the last year. companies like cumulus up 90%. one of your competitors, sony up 85%. but the jobs growth hasn't been there. yet you guys, you guys have grown but jobs in the industry have not grown as fast. >> i think that is innovation. you're seeing is investment to get better. so, we constantly do that overall. we do it in audio. we do it in wireless technology,
4:52 pm
to stay ahead of the curve. >> gotcha. as i said, these are not only employees, these guys are pretty talented here. >> they're really talented. this whole company is made up of extremely talented musicians and engineers. this company is loaded with talent. >> scott sullivan, director of new products. heartbreakers over here. i wish you were here. you're a big fan of this music. david: i played a the drums a little bit. yeah -- >> i seen you in your leather jacket. david: incredible to have a company that engorges that kind of -- encourages band manship. that is great stuff. >> they do concerts all year long. people that work for the company play concerts together. good times. david: fun place to work. jeff flock, thank you very much? how about a soft cuddle in the big house? we'll explain why one prison recruit ad cuddly mascot, is
4:53 pm
that right? we'll tell you in just a moment. we also asked you on facebook and twitter if you think apple's product launch today was a home run, a single, or a strikeout. we'll read some of your comments coming next. ♪ she loves a lot of the same things you do. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use
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4:57 pm
be a hard sell but think again. one prison in japan is trying to soften its image with a new life-sized mascot, wearing a prison guard's uniform. 6-foot 6-inch character was created to foster a better relationship between the prison and the surrounding community. something is not right about that story. we ask you on twitter and facebook if you think apple's product launch was a home run, single or strikeout? wayne on facebook thought something else to say. it was more of a walk. don't forget, tomorrow by the way liz will continue her "three days in the valley" with a lot more from movers and shakers setting the tech world on fire. liz, what is on tap for tomorrow? >> we're going to sony playstation. before we leave intel's developers forum, look at intel music park experience. you press on different things and ideas and senses of intel's business. come on over here. i want to show you this data point here, every minute 130
4:58 pm
emails are sent, omg. look at this one over here. i love this. here we two. every minute, 20 million photos are viewed. 20 million. that is why you needed frank frankovsky of facebook servers. tomorrow, live, we're giving you first look at sony playstation's brand new headquarters in silicon valley for day two of "three days in the valley." ceo of jack trenton of sony entertainment will show us the brand new, sneak-peek, brand new ps 4, some. games. we'll show you how they compose music t will be fascinating behind-the-scenes look at playstation 4 and playstation. plus joining us there, we'll have the head of electronic arts, keith moore, chief operating officer they're getting ready for the ps-4. microsoft launching a brand new console also in november. coming up we have mike splinter of applied materials. without applied materials which was created in 1967 none of this
4:59 pm
here at intel could be possible. they make the equipment for semiconductors and of course all kind of other chips too. david, 3 days in the valley, day two started tomorrow. live in silicon valley. david: here is today, austin as stage manager. he is dying to hear the latest game from ea. austin, tough find out watch tomorrow to find out. see you tomorrow. time for top two things tomorrow. apple shares dropped after the tech giant unveiled two new iphones. cheaper version, plastic one called iphone c and i phone 5s. it includes the from time to time sensor my wife won't use because she is worried about the nsa. actually we all are. number one thing to watch? market's reaction to president obama's tv address on syria. he will look to increase support for diplomatic policies on syria. there may be this deal between russia and syria. and, john kerry will be meeting
5:00 pm
with the foreign minister of russia on thursday. we just heard about that. there may well be a diplomatic solution. we'll watch all of this unfold tomorrow. we hope you're watching with us. we encourage you to do so. right now, melissa and money. s. >> we have breaking news on syria tonight. the ground is shifting practically by the minute. wow, today is a whirlwind and backtracking on proposed deal for syria to turn over all its chemical weapons. just to recap, france said it would propose a u.n. resolution that would allow inspectors to find and destroy syria's chemical weapons stockpiles but it opened the door to military action if syria failed to comply. russia shot down that proposal. and said it would submit its own specific plan to rid syria of chemical weapons, but only, with the contingency that first, the u.s. would have to agree not to attack. meanwhile, president obama met with lawmakers on cit


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